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No one can forget Mary Kay Letourneau, Debra La Fave -- the list goes on. I`ve been teaching at Mango Elementary almost six years. Judy Ho, psychologist, how does this jibe with the fact that she is a child molester? Joining me now, Owen La Fave, Debra La Fave`s ex-husband. Anderson is a 29-year-old teacher and mother, accused of molesting a 12- year-old boy student. I graduated University of South Florida with my bachelor`s degree. JUDY HO, PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, she certainly is presenting herself as a very stable family woman. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mc Key Munsey told investigators her husband may have added the poison to a fast food soft drink that he had access, saying it tasted weird, like bad Coke. And her main defense against these allegations is that she was seeking to help him, as a young boy who was beginning to be interested in sexual things. His ex-wife had sex with a 14- year-old student, a full-blown relationship. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: More than 230 explicit texts Anderson admits to sending the boy. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If anyone knows about antifreeze poisoning, it can be quite sweet, actually. Was it an accident, or did somebody intentionally do it? And that somehow, by sending him these very explicit text messages, as well as other text messages referring to their relationship and the possibility of them getting married and having a baby one day, that she was somehow engaging him in his education. And when you see Deb La Fave and Owen La Fave at their wedding, they look like the happiest couple that there ever was, a stunning bride in white. There seems to be no safeguards on teachers, no one monitoring what`s going on in the classroom. and uncovering anything that`s -- you know, they do do a great job. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Her story that she was sexting the young boy to keep him interested in school. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here in the couple`s home, investigators confiscated a bottle of antifreeze and questioned Patrick Munsey. GRACE: Let`s take a look at some of the text messages. It wasn`t long after this that Deb La Fave was busted for sex with a student. OWEN LAFAVE, EX-HUSBAND OF DEBRA LAFAVE: Well, Nancy, I will say that the school system really does a good job on the front end of doing the background checks... Where the shortfall is, is after these teachers are hired, there`s not the level of training that they need. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The former Mango Elementary teacher of the year...

It certainly is not the first time we`ve heard this claim.

NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight, live, Riverview, Florida, a teacher of the year teaching a lot more than reading, writing and arithmetic, a married mother, 29-year-old Ethel Anderson, accused of repeatedly having sex relationships with a 12-year-old little boy as over 230 pages of sex text messages emerge. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old boy was the teacher of the year. I was just making sure." UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I will not let my kids play around her at all. (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: And tonight, live, La Mesa (ph). That`s what a married mom of three said when her husband got her a soda at Jack-in-the-Box. He fires back it wasn`t him, that she was jealous and despondent over his mistress and she poisoned herself. You may not - - I`m afraid you won`t like what you see. "My heart is seriously pounding right now thinking about you. ERIC SCHWARTZREICH, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I think when Crosby, Stills & Nash sang "You need to teach your children well," they did not envision this. How come these people, like, teachers and, you know, (INAUDIBLE) like the fourth story in 10 years or 12 years I`ve heard about teachers having sex with students. Everybody, as we go to break, family album is back with your photos. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have interviewed the husband. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Blood tests reveal classic signs of antifreeze poisoning.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She was rubbing my legs, kissing on my ears, neck, stuff like that. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is Sally Mc Key Munsey (ph) and her husband, Patrick, in happier times. The problem is, Nancy, is digital fingerprints are everywhere. I mean, perhaps maybe she`ll take the stand, they`ll have her testify, and they`ll say this is a woman that has severe mental health issues. And it just seems like nobody is doing something to check backgrounds. They do a good background check, but yet you turn around, and this happens. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: La Mesa police served a search warrant on the home, seizing several plastic cups and a bottle of antifreeze from the garage.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Twenty-nine-year-old Ethel Anderson charged with having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old boy she`d been tutoring. My question is, has she had, like, a psychological evaluation? I want to caution those with small children to perhaps turn down the sound just for a moment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Anderson told jurors she sent the boy texts about porn and sexual acts to make him a better student. Ethel Anderson touched the victim on the (CENSORED) with her hands and mouth approximately seven times, and requested him to touch her (CENSORED) and chest areas.

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GRACE: But the reality is that men child molesters present very differently to the public than they are behind closed doors with children. " UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Deputies say Anderson would invite that 12-year- old boy back to her home here in Riverview and then engage in inappropriate touching and oral sex. We have to draw a very fine line, and we have to, as Owen said, we have to do and review our teachers and see if there are any histories or any incidents that might be pushing us in that direction. William Morrone, medical examiner, forensic pathologist, toxicologist, expert. I want to go back out to Owen La Fave, Deb La Fave`s ex-husband.