Gargaliani online dating

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Gargaliani online dating

More specifically, the use of shakers, as opposed to manual shaking, results in: In addition, when the olives are processed at the mill, the temperature of the olive paste during malaxation must not exceed 27 °C, in order to guarantee the quality of the oil and preserve its volatile characteristics, colour and antioxidant properties.

The optional indication ‘Cold Extraction’ mentioned in Regulation (EC) No 1019/2002 on marketing standards for olive oil may thus be included on the packaging. ‘Kalamata’ olive oil is closely linked with the history, traditions and culture of the entire region of Messinia and is the main winter occupation of its inhabitants.

The method of production has been amended to include the use of harvesting machines (shakers), where the terrain allows this.

The use of shakers has a number of advantages, the aim being to harvest better quality olives and thereby produce better quality olive oil.

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Olive oil is and always has been an economic and social factor crucial to development and the prosperity of the inhabitants.

Armakadia is located in the present day municipality of Filiatra on the GR-9, the highway to Gargaliani with olive groves and different agricultural settlements.

Filiatra was founded between the 12th and the 13th century.

In the group of olive oils produced in the rest of Messinia, the fruity median is Mf = 3,9 and the median defect is Md = 0.

In the group of olive oils produced within the current PDO area, the median bitterness is Mb = 2,37 and the median pungency is Mp = 3,33.

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In the group of olive oils produced in the rest of Messinia, the median bitterness is Mb = 2,51 and the median pungency is Mp = 3,21.