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” Moscow License Marathon I gave a sigh of relief but how can I get an export license?We spent many hours on the phone trying to track down the right person at the Radio Frequency Commission to help us. Because of my Russian language deficiency, my spouse and mother-in-law shouldered with this responsibility.To my shock, I was told that I could not bring my radio equipment past customs. Well I quickly asked my spouse Izabella, W7AZA, to get her brother, Sergei who was waiting for us on the other side of the customs wall.After many minutes of conversation in Russian that I didn’t understand, the customs person looked me in the eye and said “I will let you bring in your equipment, but you will never get out of the country without an export license!As the time went on my Amateur Radio hobby turned out to be quite annoying to them.Well, to make a long story short, after all of these phone calls and long trips to the Radio Frequency Commission I got my export license.

How many of us have found knowledge, careers, lifelong friends and many priceless memories?

Well, it was required at the time to list any items that you were bringing into the country on the entry documents when you entered the Russian Federation.

They were all listed by the Russian Radio Frequency Commission on my license documentation.

You see, my wife is from the southern Russian Republic of North Ossetia, and over the years I have traveled to Russia seven times.

In the summer of 2002 we traveled to Moscow for a month.

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In case his name is not familiar to those of this era, maybe his catch-phrase is familiar to you.

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