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The current phase embarks on technological developments and radical value changes ushered in by globalization.

Side by side there was co-existence of cinema made like Shyam Benegal catering to a very small educated audience but this was completely devoid of commercial elements and actresses like Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi, they were the protagonist in this phase. Published by: Department of Sociology and Philosophy Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkopar – West, Mumbai – 400 086. So the impact is reciprocal, that social life exerting its impact on cinema and cinema influencing social life. Authors of the articles are responsible for the contents and the references in their articles. Different races, religions, tribes and communities thrive and survive at the same time.Cinema has infinite facets and we have number of paper presenters, paper contributors, and keynote speakers, who will go live in this seminar and give us a complete cinematic and cinematographic experience of ‘Hundred Years of Indian Cinema – Issues and Challenges in Retrospection (Socio-Philosophical Perspective) that is happening for the first time in the field of academics. From the time the first Indian sound film, Alam Ara was produced in 1931 till the present decade, it has showcased different aspects of Indian life traversing through myriad themes, be it comedy, romance, thriller, horror or drama.However, there has been a changing trend in the representation of Indian films through the years.

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The teleological aspect of Indian cinema has been many – art and aesthetics, social issues, philosophical aspect - wrapping over all Indian life: but above everything tending to give and serve as 'entertainment and reformation of society’ respectively. Mishra belongs to Department of Sociology and I belong to Department of Philosophy; therefore sometimes I find we belong to sister departments; and believe me I perceive these two subjects as ‘identical twins’ (but sister twins).

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  1. The controversial cult masterpiece was withdrawn (not banned) by Kubrick himself in Britain following copycats and media reactions, it remained so until after his death and was finally re-released in the UK in 2000Scorsese's masterpiece crime drama.