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The fragmented and incomplete bones were examined in 2009, then brought to Bristol, England, for tests in 2010.

Professor Mark Horton of Bristol University said that "this may prove to be the oldest complete remains of an English royal." The investigations at Bristol, applying isotope tests on tooth enamel, checked whether she was born and brought up in Wessex and Mercia, as written history indicated.

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We had thought of popping over to observe but it seemed a very strong cold wind so we decided against it. of you, and by the look of it it was not too hard but able to take marks from everyone with the Class winners Richard Fry losing 1 on the Main route & Michael Maslin dropping twice as many (2! I’d noticed Paul Hearn rode the Kingswood trial a week or two ago, but he found the 4 laps of eight sections tough by the look of it.

Edith was born to the reigning English king Edward the Elder by his second wife, Ælfflæd, and hence was a granddaughter of King Alfred the Great.

In 919 her sister Eadgifu married the West Frankish king Charles the Simple.

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Nothing is known of Edith until at the request of the East Frankish king Henry the Fowler, who wished to stake a claim to equality and to seal the alliance between the two Saxon kingdoms, her half-brother King Æthelstan sent his sisters Edith and Edgiva to Germany.

Henry's eldest son and heir to the throne Otto was instructed to choose whichever one pleased him best.

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A surviving report of the ceremony by the medieval cronicler Widukind of Corvey makes no mention of his wife having been crowned at this point, but according to Bishop Thietmar of Merseburg's chronicle, Eadgyth was nevertheless anointed as queen, albeit in a separate ceremony.

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