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Winter dating idea

Of course as soon as I finish the second act/full moon, I’ll update the current beta version.

– Even in this case I can’t say exactly when it will be out, but since it’s not a RPG, once I have all the writing should be a matter of weeks.

As you know, I am currently focusing on the rules first, and I decided to use a random items generation system (plus probably some fixed “Legendary Items”) like I did in SOTW.

The results so far are good: As you can see, the item stats on bottom-right should be familiar to anyone who played SOTW.

I want to be a bit more optimistic and say Spring in this case. And it’s honestly nobody’s fault, everyone involved worked hard on it, just a series of bad luck happened.

– like above, in this case while the writing is basically done, there’s still a lot of art to draw, and do the scripting of the whole story. That’s why I won’t talk about the current games in progress and it was a mistake doing it in the past.

And even if it’s not finished, Cursed Lands it’s at good point and I’ve personally invested at least six months of time on it (only the character creation phase with the custom portrait generator took me over a month to code).

After all I am doing another RPG this year, and after I finish it I’ll probably need a few months to recover.

So an early next year release it’s a more likely outcome for PS2.

I’ve said it many times: you won’t ever see me do a game with non-manga art again!

😀 I also felt relieved because I thought both the gameplay and writing of that game were good, and the results of the manga version just confirmed that the main/only issue was the art style. This time was a smart move since the costs were much smaller (the original CGs were just edited and not redone from scratch, so much less work involved) and people obviously liked the possibility to (re)play the game with optional sexy content.

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I decided though, thanks to my time spent playing-ahem, doing research with Destiny 2, to display in the inventory a big number for the item “power”, and the damage type/rarity and finally level.

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