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Www speeddatingquestions org

And if he wasn’t the one to realize it himself, well, he also had his meddling big sister there to tell him how much his life sucked.“ACHOO!! ” Laura shrieked.“Yikes, that was a nasty one,” Derek acknowledged, grabbing a tissue and blowing his nose loudly. Sure, they might be in their 40s, but they’d never break the habit of acting like small children.“You have got to get out of that old, dusty tailor shop, baby brother!” Thus Laura’s usual nagging began, “Who knows what kind of damage that dust is doing to your lungs!

” Laura challenged.“Because she’s the only one that’s completely sure of herself,” Derek answered as if it wasn’t already obvious.

Kind of like the one standing in front of Derek’s store right now.“How are you ever going to meet anyone if you keep locking yourself away? ”Okay, so business at the shop had been slow but that wouldn’t be the case forever.

The Hale Stitching Company, more commonly abbreviated as Hale Stitched Co., was his grandfather’s pride and joy.

“If you need something for your little costume party, kid, rent something from party city.” ✄✄✄✄✄Stiles Stilinski needs THE perfect suit and Derek Hale is just the tailor to make it for him.

Only Derek doesn’t exactly know that Stiles is kind of a famous movie star…

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That was a guy that had something to complain about. Truthfully, he was very content with where he was in life.

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